Born and raised in the northern part of Holland, Eljakim van de Sande plays guitar since he was nine years old. At school he joined different bands and learned to play with other musicians as a singer, lead guitarist and songwriter. 

Looking for adventures Eljakim joined the army as an officer en was deployed twice. Still, music was never out of sight. Melodies more and more came uprising in a swelling force to the surface to become songs. Since 2017 Eljakim started writing new songs en in 2018 this resulted in his first studioalbum Sway and the artist and composer Celsus was born. Since then the music comes to him en the creation proces is a continuum. 

As an artist Celsus writes songs, plays the guitar, bass-guitar, piano, sings, composes and produces music and composed and created his own albums. He is in the proces of discovering and learning were he wants to place his focus ; To be a musician, songwriter and composer or to be a producer, or both?

It’s Eljakim’s ambition to create lots of more music and to reach and touch many people with his music. 

He is very proud to announce his second studio-album 'Drunk Musician Fever’ to be released in 2021.