Album release!!!!

Nov 03, 2021
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18th December:

Album release "Drunk Musician Fever"

Dear Friends,

Finally, finally yes finally the second studio-album “Drunk Musician Fever” is ready to see daylight!

When? The 18th of December 2021, from 19:45 until 20:45! I will give a performance of this new album in an unplugged form. This performance will be in the city of Sneek, Friesland. You all are more than welcome in the Atrium theater to attend the show. The entrance is free, no tickets needed. I will also make video and audio recordings of the show for future promotion purposes.

To reach out to a more broader audience I will do some try-out shows in a smaller version in other places. And hopefully in 2022 more shows to come. I will tell you about it on social media or e-mail. For now the 18th of December is the official Celsus album release: “Drunk Musician Fever”

Hope to see you there!