Newsletter No.3

Aug 08, 2018



This is newsletter no.3! I already gave away the topics for this one on FB. Let’s start with the storyline of ‘Sway’. 

If you look up the meaning of the word sway it says; move or cause to move slowly or rhythmically backwards and forwards or from side to side. This is the explanation of the physical behavior. However, the album and songs are  more about the choices in life and doubts people sometimes live through. I guess anybody recognizes the same sort of motions.

In the storyline of ‘Sway’ it’s all about one man who crossed mid-fifties and wonders what could have happened if he would have chosen other directions. The songs on the 8-track album circling around his most important considerations in the past decades of his life. The ups and downs are becoming clear when running through his train of thought. Sometimes getting back to his youth (Indian Summer for example), questions about love and the hope of reaching the pure core in it (Again)…but most of the time it’s about his current figuring and swaying around his old and new choices (Sway I+II).

Eastman Parlor

When writing a song it’s important (to me) that you have favorable instruments apprehended. You need an instrument which ‘gives’ you songs. Your ideas and music in your head demanding a freeway to exit your body. This sounds a bit mystical or dreamy, but I can’t explain it otherwise. An instrument in its self is nothing until you play it with the feeling in your body and soul. So it’s an extension of who you are at that moment. My parlor model acoustic/western Eastman guitar has this ability. Although currently at the luthier to get some maintenance. It’s not even the best or most expensive instrument I’ve got..and also lacks a bit of studio quality. But I couldn’t life without it!