Newsletter No.8

May 17, 2021

Final steps

It’s been a while since I posted some news but things are in motion! Unfortunately the Kickstarter campaign didn’t work out as planned. Given this fact I chose a new direction; I mixed and produced the album myself. Last week the two final songs came back from the mastering studio. And although the proces of creating music is never finished, it’t time to hit the next fase, yeah baby yeah!  

A great opportunity appeared while I was planning to change my website. My girlfriend linked me to a photographer. So I got the opportunity to have a real photoshoot! After the first shots were taken in her studio, she really did a wonderful job by using a rooftop parking lot during sunset. You can see the results on my website. Her keen eye results in very nice designs. Indoor and outdoor! Check it here;

So what comes next? Before the official release I’m looking for a recordlabel that can help me to promote and/or distribute my album. So this following month I will reach out to different labels.Therefore the releasedate of “Drunk Musician Fever” is still unknown. My patience is being tested because I really, really, really would like to share my music. I am looking forward sharing my new album with you all and I am confident that this moment is nearby. 


Check the website of James (mastering studio). He really helped me to create the best sound. I especially appreciate the analog feeling he added to the songs!