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'Promoting Sway'

After the release of ‘Sway’ I had the possibility to start in a very useful masterclass for composers, which gave me a lot of confidence and extra knowledge about the possibilities and quality in using sounds. But it took some time wherefore promoting my studio album got other priority. Last month I started with online marketing, getting more exposure and reaching grander audience. There are different ways to do this, and for now I’m choosing the online promoting by focusing on Spotify, Facebook advertising and my website. These portals are the main exploitation for the album next to other ways like Youtube, Deezer, Bandcamp, I-Tunes, Souncloud etcetera. Getting followers on Spotify and being placed on nice playlist is to great importance!! So If you have your own playlists on Spotify please add one of my songs (see picture bellow)!! Spotify recognizes this in its parameters..the more listeners, followers and playlists the more it can pushed by them. Besides I hope you can support me by pushing forward the links below or just by telling somebody else about my music. Of course I will do my own marketing effort in the next two months…and maybe do a live session in the future to expand my audience!!

That’s all for now Folks!


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'The Basics'

So, hereby the first Celsus newsletter!! In this writing you’ll find the latest updates and ongoing matters about Celsus’s music business. In a wide range of matters I want to inform you about the developments for the next coming months. I hope to try to exploit a newsletter once or twice a month. 

Let me first explain why I chose to make music and hope to create a successful business/company out of it. As you can read on my website making music was something I grew up with and always had my attention. Since the first time I grabbed the guitar it’s been addicted for me to play this fine instrument! Besides this I quite early noticed that creating music -as in coming up with new tunes and musical ideas- was a quality I possessed.  I could make another writing about how this creating process works, since I get this question a lot. But without being too ‘braggy’, this talent, hidden bellow the surface, was there al the time. However I didn’t enforce it! 

So all these years I’ve prioritized on other cool things and adventures without any regret, but never invested in the main drive; making music!!


In the spring of 2017, after being abroad for a long time, I decided to enhance on this talent and make an official business. But how? And by which means? And what’s my main goal? The music was apprehended and I needed to figure out how to use it in search of the best way putting it forward and being broadcasted to the world. After some basic recordings at home I spoke with Martijn of  “Triple Moon Studios” and listened to the quality of good studio recording. And the difference in quality is huge to home recording. And by this I mean, the recording, mixing and mastering process, and the integration of these parts in its whole. Also the songs fitted in line with the idea of an official album. Altogether I concluded  that making the eight numbered ‘SWAY’ was a primary goal! In February the album was released and I’m still busy with promotion it in different ways. This summer I will continue this focus.

After the album release I got the opportunity to step into a masterclass composing, given by a professional Dutch composer Erwin Steijlen. It kept me busy every week with at least twenty hous of producing especially for the Corporate market. This course ended successfully half May and was a great way to learn about the ins and outs of handling differents sounds and sound techniques. The songs can be found only on my Soundcloud site.

So now after exploring the ways of how to make a living with creating music I’m planning on two topics for the fall of 2018. The first one aims on people who are starting a business and need custom made music for their marketing/product. If you know people or start-ups who need specific music, please spread the word!! The other goal for the next months is creating a second album. At this moment I have about five songs ready who need decent recording next to some who need to be finished. And since my urge to make music and turn it into real songs has my preference, I think there will be next studio-album in 2019. More about this train of thought after the summer! In my next newsletter I will tell you about my new instrument, which is a story on its own!!



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News and Updates by Newsletter!

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Another one in the 'project meanwhile'. This one is about just waking up, feeling relaxed and standing in front of your sink and pushing the button of your coffeemachine. Getting up to speed for a nice day with energy. Finding out that you're too late. Way too late! Hurry now..

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Tonight we tried to rob a bank. Tiptoed inside and went straitght to the main vault. Bad luck that the alarm went of. Hastily fleeing and running outside. Hiding by shadows and shades...  

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The wind in your wings, above clouds 

You hoover and pray for a prey

beneath in the crowds.

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This song is about taking the old memories into the new future. A solid drivetrain and rythm for in your car! Please check the MUSIC menu on this site.


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Dear Friends, Folks,

In the next two months, every week a instrumental song will be released, as part of my growing content and knowledge of composing music. Via Soundcloud I give you the oppertunity to listen to my creations and musical effort. keeps the energy of exploitating my music around the world alive!!

So the first one is part of a next upcoming official song  which is almost finished (release date unknown). However not yet fully recorded and mastered. It's a story about spring peering around the corner! The basics will be plain: guitar, bass, violin, drums, vocal. No more, no less either! The upbeat and rythmical energy will be a central theme in this song.

Good luck listening to this prelude to the spring!