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Another one in the 'project meanwhile'. This one is about just waking up, feeling relaxed and standing in front of your sink and pushing the button of your coffeemachine. Getting up to speed for a nice day with energy. Finding out that you're too late. Way too late! Hurry now..

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Tonight we tried to rob a bank. Tiptoed inside and went straitght to the main vault. Bad luck that the alarm went of. Hastily fleeing and running outside. Hiding by shadows and shades...  

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The wind in your wings, above clouds 

You hoover and pray for a prey

beneath in the crowds.

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This song is about taking the old memories into the new future. A solid drivetrain and rythm for in your car! Please check the MUSIC menu on this site.


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Dear Friends, Folks,

In the next two months, every week a instrumental song will be released, as part of my growing content and knowledge of composing music. Via Soundcloud I give you the oppertunity to listen to my creations and musical effort. keeps the energy of exploitating my music around the world alive!!

So the first one is part of a next upcoming official song  which is almost finished (release date unknown). However not yet fully recorded and mastered. It's a story about spring peering around the corner! The basics will be plain: guitar, bass, violin, drums, vocal. No more, no less either! The upbeat and rythmical energy will be a central theme in this song.

Good luck listening to this prelude to the spring!


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Behold!!CELSUS wrote his first studioalbum SWAY.

A tale about choices of turning left or right on the crossroads of human existence, told through the eyes of an old lonely forgotten man. 


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Since october recordings started for the first CELSUS studioalbum. In the triple moon studios in Oosterhout energy and time is added to create the seven numbered album SWAY.  Exciting times..More news to come!

'SWAY' now also available as download or CD